Emboss Nose Pins

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Emboss Nose Pin

A large selection of emboss nose pin designs are offered by SK Gold. We use a variety of methods to create nose pins made of the purest gold. A type of nose pin called an embossed nose pin has engraving done as a design feature.

The embossing technique, also known as the chasing technique, is an age-old jewelry-making method that is widely employed today. In order to sink the gold metal into the correct shape, designs are made by hammering on the front side. This entire process is done by hand.

These types of nose pins are 100% gold and free of any other external components because they are not dependent on a stud or other components. In addition to being made of pure gold, they have a very clean, simple, and traditional appearance. The nose pins have a traditional, ethnic style that is ideal for an Indian function outfit thanks to the subtle Indian patterns and motifs etched on them.