About Us

SK Gold is a manufacturing company owned and run by jewellery industry professionals with over 17 years of expertise. They are poised to dominate markets in India as well as those in the Middle East and Asia with their modern and contemporary approach to business.

We produce and distribute a wide variety of nose pins, bali jewellery, and casting jewellery. Across all areas, we are exceptional in both handcrafted and machine-made jewellery.

SK Gold serves an ever-growing and stable network of customers across India and is on their way to building a name for themselves after seeing the steady and quick surge in demand for personalized, affordably priced, yet high-quality gold jewellery. Their main priority is still serving the needs of their customers while maintaining highly competitive pricing and first-rate goods.

To meet the unique needs of each of its clients, SK Gold offers a wide variety of products and various gold karats. They are renowned for their adaptability and flexibility in customizing orders and guaranteeing that the various needs and expectations of each client are met promptly. SK Gold provides end-to-end services, and it takes the utmost care and caution to ensure that orders can be placed easily, payments can be made, and orders can be delivered.

We provide jewellery with a solemn commitment to quality and purity, including nose pins, rings, earrings, casting jewelry, and other little gold things. We also specialize in the enduring and recognizable products of the city of Amritsar, and we give our customers the option to add jewellery with Jadau and Kundan to their orders.

Vision & Mission: The jewellery industry is one of the oldest forms of commerce that has shown time and time again to stand the test of time and grow. But as chaotic and rustic as it seems, it is also. SK Gold wants to organize this sector and further grow into exports with a world-class quality product range with a special focus on and other Asian markets in order to bring this industry to eminent heights.